About Us

Get to Know Us

Teknopomp was founded in 2005. The company started its business with marketing and sales. Today, we continue to produce thousands of pumps, booster sets and fire groups per year in our Kurtköy factory. In many domestic and international projects, TEKNOPOMP brand pumps, booster sets and firefighting sets are preferred and used.

Our team, which is an expert in the sale of pumps and water pump manufacturing, tries to provide the most appropriate solution and price by evaluating the requests from the customers in the most accurate and fastest way.

“Producing is dignity.” is our motto. We have been meeting the demands of end consumers, industrial facilities and other consumers since 2007 with the pumps, booster sets and fire pump systems that we follow by developing the technology. Our quality had been certified by ISO, TSE and TSEK quality certificates. Our next goal is to increase our quality even more and increase our export figures.

Our goal is to determine the customer demands and expectations in the best way and to ensure that they get the highest satisfaction from the products and services.

TEKNOPOMP is with you wherever pumps are used, from agricultural irrigation to drinking water facilities, from waste water drainage to chemical and food processes, from domestic needs to technological installation systems. We are aware that preventing the damage caused to the economy by the wrong pump and booster set selection.

We are aware that importance every kilowatt energy that will be saved with the right pump selection for the economy.

The field of use of the pumps we manufacture

    • Residental and Commercial Facilities
    • Heat and Energy Plants
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Argicultural Irrigation
    • Sewerage System
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Fire Fighting Systems
    • Our pumps can provide solution for general water needs

Pumps and Models

  • Single Stage, End Suction, EN 733 Centrifugal Pumps (TNP Series)
  • Vertical, Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (MNV Series)
  • Single Stage, End Suction, Close Coupled, Monoblock Centrifugal Pumps (TNM Series)
  • Fire Fighting Pumps (AUE, AUED Series Fire Fighting Sets)
  • In-line, Close Coupled, Dry Rotor, Circulation Pumps (TNL Series)
  • Booster Sets (MNV Series Booster Sets)
  • TPSS Series Stainless Steel Booster Sets

  • TPSC Double Suction Pumps

  • TKY High Temperature Oil Pumps

  • Drainage Pumps

  • TKM Multistage Centrifugal Pumps