TNL In-line Circulation Pumps

TNL INLINE Type Dry Rotor Circulation Pumps

Frequency Control Panel Circulation Pumps

Motor Mounted Frequency Circulation Pumps

Pump Features

  • Teknopomp TNL Series Vertical shaft, single stage, in-line dry rotor circulation pumps.
  • Dry rotor circulation pump for non-corrosive clean water, which will not corrode the pump elements.
  • Circulation pumps for use in industrial, residential and government applications, heating, cooling and air conditioning applications and circulation systems

Usage Areas

  • TNL pumps are non-abrasive, solid in
    clean or very light, free of particles and fibers
    dirty (solid particles up to 0.02)
  • In water supply, heating and cooling systems, circulation
    and fluid transfer, in industrial applications.
  • 0-360 m3/h Capacity Total Head 100m.
  • Motor power up to 45kW
  • Working Temperature up to 90 °C – Working Pressure 10 Bar