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Cookie Policy


TEKNOPOMP TECHNOLOGICAL PUMP AND HYDROFOR SİSTEMLERİ TİCARET ve SANAYİ LTD. STI. cookies, pixel tags (“pixels”) in order to facilitate the use of the web page and to personalize your future visits, to provide you with a better, faster and safer experience, and to understand your needs and interests, during the visit of our valued visitors, within the framework of TEKNOPOMP Personal Data Security Principles. “) and local storage technologies. On this page, we want to help you understand why these technologies are used, how to control them or delete them if you prefer. Some of the cookies used are mandatory cookies due to international web protocols, and we would like to remind you that if these are closed or disabled, our web page will not appear in your browser in the required scope and content.

What is a cookie?

Due to the working principles of websites, almost all websites use cookies due to current technologies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device (for example, computer or mobile phone) when you visit a website. Cookies may be stored on your device through your internet browser during your first visit to a website. When you visit the same site again with the same device, your browser checks whether there is a cookie stored on your device for the site. If there is a record, it transmits the data in the record to the website you are visiting. In this way, the website understands that you have visited the site before and determines the content to be delivered to you accordingly.

Why Are Cookies Used?

Cookies are used to provide a much more user-friendly and personalized experience for your next visits, by ensuring that our website remembers the preferences you have used in your previous visits to the website.

Controlling and Deleting Cookies

To change your preferences for the use of cookies or to block or delete cookies, simply change your internet browser settings. Many browsers give you the option to accept or reject cookies, to only accept certain types of cookies, or to be alerted by the browser when a website requests to store cookies on your device so you can control cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser. The process of controlling or deleting cookies may vary depending on the browser you use. In this regard, you can see the options suitable for the browser you are using in the links below.


Cookies Used by

Web sitemizde kullanılan hiçbir çerez, kimliğinizin saptanmasına yarayacak verileri işlememektedir. Aşağıda web sitemizde kullanılmakta olan çerez türleri ve bu çerezlerin hangi amaçla kullanıldıkları detaylı bir şekilde ortaya konulmuştur.

Category 1- Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are important to allow you to navigate the website and to access secure areas of the website and to reveal permissions. Without these cookies, it is not possible for my site to receive data and the site operation does not work.

Category 2- ‘Performance’ Cookies

These cookies collect information about how our visitors use the website. For example, it lets us know which visitors are the pages they go to most often and if they are getting error messages from web pages. These cookies collect information anonymously, not information that identifies a visitor.

Category 3: Targeting / Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and the number of advertisements in accordance with your interests. They are usually placed by ad networks with the permission of the website operator. They remember the websites you visit and this information is shared with other organizations such as 3rd party advertisers. Very often, cookies link to other advertising sites for targeting purposes.

Rights of Persons whose Personal Data are Processed

Persons whose personal data are processed within the scope of this policy, whether personal data about them is processed, information about it, if the data has been processed, the purpose of processing the data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose, who are the third parties to whom the data is transferred at home or abroad, and if the data is incomplete or incorrect, correcting them, Within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the relevant legislation, the right to request the deletion or destruction of personal data, to notify the third parties to whom the data has been transferred, provided that the correction / deletion / destruction is not impossible or does not require disproportionate effort, and to request the compensation of the damage if the data is damaged due to the processing in violation of the relevant legislation .

The user’s continued visit to this site means that he consents to the use of cookies and the processing of his personal data within the scope of this policy.Category 2- ‘Performance’ Cookies